Welcome to Macnaughton Holdings Limited. 

With more than 240 years of experience, Macnaughton Holdings is Scotland’s specialist manufacturer and distributor of woollen fabrics and accessories, committed to the highest standards in service, excellent quality, and beautiful design.  Macnaughton work exclusively with businesses and organisations, partnering closely with the industries they work in, rather than setting themselves out as competitors.  The company prides itself on giving the highest level of service to all its customers by maintaining a comprehensive stock-backed offer across thousands of cloths and accessories, as well as providing a bespoke manufacturing service with high levels of flexibility and short lead times. 

Following seven generations of the Macnaughton family, this iconic company of the Scottish textile industry, has now been passed to the Cotton family, who have committed to maintaining its traditions and values.  It believes in being an honest and trustworthy partner for its customers and suppliers and doing business with integrity for the benefit of all of its stakeholders.  The company is home to some of the finest and most respected craftspeople in the industry and is committed to constantly developing the skills of the next generations. 

Macnaughton fabrics are woven in the company’s Isla Bank Mill in the famous weaving town of Keith, in the Highlands of Scotland.  Kilts are manufactured by a team of highly skilled kiltmakers in Paisley and the whole operation is headquartered in Perth, right in the heart of Scotland.  Our supply chains are largely in Scotland and the UK, although we will occasionally turn to the spinners of Italy or elsewhere for specialist yarns.

Since its foundation in 1783, Macnaughton has specialised in wool, the original natural and biodegradable material.  This remarkable material is as relevant today as it was in 1783, offering performance, comfort and environmental benefits which are still unmatched by synthetic fibres.  Although they will combine wool with other fibres for aesthetic or performance reasons, the company returns again and again to wool for its beauty and performance.

Although Macnaughton built its reputation manufacturing the highest quality traditional highland wear, they found their expertise, in making beautiful but durable woven cloths, was equally appreciated in the home.  Macnaughton is now recognised internationally in the home interiors market for its expertise in creating stunning, contemporary wool fabrics and accessories.  The same qualities of beauty and durability have also found a place in the apparel market, with stock-back cloths for high quality jacketing and coats.

Macnaughton is today the world’s largest manufacturer and stockist of traditional tartan kilt fabrics, maintaining stock right across over 1000 tartans.  The company’s expert weavers and designers have become respected worldwide for creating the highest performance contemporary woollen cloth for the demands of upholstery and apparel.  In addition to fine quality fabrics, the company brings its expertise to a wide range of finished products, including custom kilts for the highlandwear trade; blankets and throws; soft lambswool scarves; and scout and guide neckerchiefs.   

Macnaughton is committed to doing business the right way, true to our traditions and values, working in genuine partnership.  Across all of it products and brands, Macnaughton is committed to the highest standards of service, excellent quality and design.  More information can be found by clicking on each of our brands.